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Chapter 18 Planning a Trip

National Traffic and Road Closure Information
Navigating through orange barrels in heavy traffic can turn a pleasure trip into an endurance test. Locate construction zones, traffic reports, detours, and more at this Web site. As a project, plan a trip to a destination within your state. Then, click on your state's Web site to get current information about the status of the roads you plan to travel. Prepare ahead to avoid problem areas.

Highway Weather Forecasts
What does the weather have in store for you as you travel? This Web site provides current conditions and forecasts to all major U.S. cities. Click on the number of the interstate highway on the map to link to weather information for cities along an interstate near you, or scroll down the Forecasts link to get the latest weather report for any major city in the world. Share with a friend how to use this Web site to get the latest forecast for a city near you.

Safe Towing Tips
When pulling a trailer, preparation can ensure the safety of your vehicle, yourself, and those traveling around you. Visit this Web site to get a list of considerations that are key to safe towing. Where should the heavier cargo be placed in a trailer? Create a poster that outlines the safe-towing tips.

Sport Utility Vehicle Safety
What really is the rollover risk in SUVs? Check this site for consumer information on rollover risks in this popular style of vehicle. Read at least two of the articles highlighted on this site. Then write your own press-release explaining the facts and figures and the risk of rollovers that SUV drivers face.

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