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Chapter 2 Getting Ready: Your State Driving Test

NHTSA: Saving Teenage Lives

What are the advantages of becoming licensed under a graduated driver licensing system? This Web site introduces the graduated driver licensing system and explains its effectiveness. Compare traditional driver licensing with graduated driver licensing. Which better prepares new drivers?

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Questions about graduated driver licensing? This Web site offers answers to teens' questions about graduated driver licensing. Visit the site to find out common misconceptions about nighttime driving restrictions. How do these restrictions differ from curfews? Find your answers by clicking the Research Topic Link.

State Licensing Systems
Your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has important information on driver licensing in your state. Use this Web site to find your state's DMV on the Internet. Just click on your region and then find your state to access specific licensing requirements, helpful publications, and links to much more. Order free brochures to provide a display for your class.

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