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Chapter 3 Knowing Yourself

AAA Foundation
Are you an aggressive driver? Find out by taking this quiz prepared by the American Automobile Association's Foundation for Traffic Safety.

National Safety Council
Traffic death rates are three times higher at night than during the day. This National Safety Council Web site outlines the risks of driving at night and makes recommendations to minimize danger. Visit this site out to determine the special hazards that night driving presents. Make a poster that highlights the steps you can take to minimize risks and display it in your classroom.

NCSDR/NHTSA: Expert Panel on Driver Fatigue and Sleepiness
Investigate the causes and repercussions of fatigue for drivers. This Web site explores the biology of human sleep and sleepiness, characteristics of drowsy-driving crashes, risks of drowsy-driving crashes, and more. Find out which population groups are at highest risk and why. Discover countermeasures you can take to prevent drowsiness while driving.

AAA Foundation
Sleeping and driving don't mix! This sounds like a slogan often heard about alcohol, but the effects of sleepiness and alcohol can be similar for drivers. Take the sleep quiz at this Web site to find out what you know about sleep and drowsiness.

Saferoads Safety Tips
Safety should always be a top priority when getting behind the wheel. Visit this Web site to become familiar with nine safety tips to help protect you and your passengers. What can you do before you get behind the wheel to reduce risk? What can you do when in the driver's seat? Prepare a presentation of the safety tips to share with your class.

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