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Chapter 4 Handling Social Pressures

NHTSA: Youth Drunk Driving

More young drivers are involved in fatal crashes than any other population group. Alcohol use and risk behaviors are major contributing factors. Get a clearer picture of the problem by accessing charts, graphs, and bulleted information about youth crash fatalities by clicking on the links at this Web site. Prepare a panel discussion with several classmates to make other students aware of the consequences of risk behavior while driving.

National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month
Take a stand against impaired driving! Visit this Web site to find out how communities across the country are joining together to increase public awareness of the problem of impaired driving and ways to prevent it. What is the Students Against Drunk Driving "Ghost-Out" all about? How can you get involved? Organize other students to consider ways to impact students at your school.

NHTSA: Cellular Phone Use in Vehicles
It sounds innocent enough-talking to a friend on a car phone while driving. Find out what the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discovered in their study regarding cellular phone use in vehicles. Check out the Prevention Magazine survey. What other driving behaviors serve as distractions? Where does cellular phone use rank in the prevalence of these distracting behaviors? Make a poster by creating a graph to illustrate your findings. Display the poster to make classmates aware of risk-taking distractions while driving.

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