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Chapter 5 Signs, Signals, and Markings

Manual of Traffic Signs
Are you familiar with all traffic signs? Use this manual to find images of regulatory, warning, marker, and guide signs commonly used in the United States. What signs are used to indicate recreational areas? Get with several other students to make a bulletin-board display of common traffic signs. Be sure to include examples of each category.

Illinois Gateway: Rules of the Road
Here is a great site to review the images and meanings of roadway signs. This Web site was established to help prepare student drivers for the sign identification section of the written driver's license test. Make a game for sign review by printing the information on roadway signs and cutting out the individual signs and meanings. Use the cutouts to create a matching game or to scramble and classify according to major categories.

Illinois Gateway: Rules of the Road
Lane signals and flashing lights can be confusing to new drivers. Get a handle on these and other signals and pavement markings in this concise and well-illustrated manual. Take the short quiz at the end to test your knowledge.

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