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Chapter 6 Rules of the Road

NHTSA: National Survey

What unsafe behaviors are prevalent among drivers? A survey conducted for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveals the public's experiences and attitudes toward speeding, unsafe, and aggressive driving. Check out the graphed results regarding drivers' attitudes toward speeding. Lead a discussion to determine your classmates' experiences and attitudes regarding unsafe driving behaviors.

NHTSA: National Survey

What should be done to curb unsafe driving behaviors? A survey conducted for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveals the public's attitudes and perceived effectiveness of various law-enforcement strategies. Which strategies do drivers feel are most effective in reducing unsafe driving behaviors? Work with several classmates to survey which law-enforcement strategies are perceived to be most effective by drivers at your school. Be sure to get information such as age and gender from survey respondents to enable you to analyze how groups differ in their perspectives. Present your findings to your class.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
How fast is too fast in your state? How does the speed limit in your state compare with those in other states? Find the answers to these questions on State Speed Limit Laws by clicking on the Research by Topic link. Then, check out the question-and-answer links regarding the speed limit and speed limit law enforcement. What has been the effect on fatalities of raising speed limits above 55 mph? Prepare to debate the use of radar-detecting devices by drivers. Work with your teacher in organizing a class debate of the issue.

NHTSA: The Case for Strong Seat Belt Laws

What is standard enforcement of seat belt laws? What has been the effect of the laws? Find answers to these questions and more at this Web site that addresses the need for seat belt use. Click on the Fact Sheets link to find out what the economic costs of non-seat belt use are. Make a poster to illustrate your findings.

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