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Chapter 7 Getting to Know Your Vehicle

Air Bag Safety

What is the safest way to use air bags? Get the facts on safe use of air bags and child restraint systems at this site. The National Safety Council outlines step-by-step illustrated safety tips on how to avoid injury and get the best protection from air bags. Find out what ABC stands for, and create a poster that illustrates this slogan.

Illinois Gateway: Rules of the Road
What equipment is required on a vehicle? What equipment is sometimes restricted? This Web site outlines all the equipment required on vehicles and when and how it should be used. States may have different rules for equipment, but this site is an excellent general guide. How are windshield wipers and headlights related in their use? Prepare a bulletin-board display that illustrates required equipment of vehicles and briefly explains each part's usage.

Familycar Vehicle Gauges
The fuel is near empty and the temperature is hot! With the assortment of dashboard gauges found in today's family vehicles, almost everything is monitored. Visit this Web site to get simple descriptions and explanations of the functions of all automobile gauges. How is the speedometer affected if the original tires for a vehicle are replaced with different sized tires?

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