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State Specific Web Sites

Alabama Department of Public Safety
State-specific information on the Alabama driving safety programs.

Department of Motor Vehicles Homepages
A listing with links to every state agency for registering motor vehicles and additional links to state and local government sites.

Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles
Home page for the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles.

Minnesota Highway Safety Center
Minnesota state highway safety center run by St. Cloud State University.

State Departments of Transportation
Quick access to the web sites for all 50 States departments of transportation.

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Federal Government Sites

Air Pollution and Automobiles
Do you know how your family's car affects the environment? Try your hand at this quiz about the environment.

Federal Highway Administration
Visit this resource for background information about our federal highway system.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
Click here to explore the NHTSA's user-friendly site on vehicle safety and people safety.

National Transportation Data Archive
Get statistics on transportation and safety issues at this Web site. Find out how state and local highways are regulated and controlled.

Office of Motor Carrier Highway Safety
This is the federal agency responsible for identifying highway construction and other road hazards for drivers.

United States Department of Transportation
The home page for the federal Department of Transportation's home page.

U.S. Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Facts
The National Transportation Data Archive provides updated data, graphs and charts on nationwide transportation statistics.

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National Traffic Safety Organizations

American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
A voluntary group of public service executives working to foster uniform driving laws and regulations. The Association provides educational forums for its members to exchange ideas. Lists events and publications.

American Automobile Association (AAA)
Enter a zip code and find the local office or branch of the Automobile Association of America to find out what the AAA offers in education and driver education programs.

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
Safe driving tips from the Automobile Association of America.

American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association
A resource for instructors of driver education classes.

Driver Education Supply Company
A resource for driver education supplies such as rooftop signs, mirrors, dual controls, and safety equipment for driving instruction.

Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI)
Provides detailed crash test ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)
Graduated Driver Licensing information at this site. Affiliated with the Highway Loss Data Institute.

Driver License Requirements
Graph detailing driver license requirements for all fifty states and the District of Columbia available in PDF format.

Beginning Drivers
http://www.hwysafety.org/safety_facts/teens/beginning_drivers.htm Discusses why teenagers are the riskiest drivers and what can be done to minimize the risk.

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Vehicle Safety Ratings:
The Insurance Institute publishes helpful statistics concerning the safety records of different automobile models here.

MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)
Information on each state's data about alcohol-related accidents. This site also provides updates on drinking and driving opinion polls, legislation dealing with drunk driving, and issues such as alcohol and advertising.

National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators(S.M.S.A.)
The NASMSA works to foster and promote state-administered motorcycle safety programs and to represent concerns related to motorcycle safety.

This site addresses motorcycle safety.

National Committee on Uniform Traffic Laws and Ordinances
Dedicated to providing uniformity of traffic laws and regulations through the timely dissemination of information and model legislation on traffic safety issues.

The National Motorists Association
Visit this resource for driver's rights.

National Safety Council
Provides information about defensive driving courses and Air Bag & Seat Belt safety campaign.

Operation Lifesaver
This site for the National Headquarters of Operation Lifesaver provides information on highway and railway crossing and traffic safety programs.

Penn State Vehicle Systems and Safety Program
Resource for information concerning interactions between commercial vehicles and passenger automobiles.

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Independent Web Sites

American Driver & Traffic Safety Education Association National Student Safety Program
NSSP seeks to encourage and assist students with safety activities for their schools and communities. NSSP guides students to unite against the growing menace of highway fatalities. Provides Web links to other sites.

Doron Precision Systems, Inc.
Home page is in English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese. Doron Precision Systems, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of driving simulation systems.

Driving School Association of the Americas
The DSAA is a national organization representing 350 driving schools throughout the U.S. and Canada. The association works to support more effective training and education for drivers.

Drunk Busters of America
Drunk Busters Goggles allow young people to experience firsthand the potentially fatal consequences of alcohol through the use of specially designed goggles.

Innocorp, LTD.
Fatal Vision® Simulator Glasses are a specially designed and manufactured pair of goggles that simulate the visual impairment caused by drugs or alcohol.

Mobil Oil Corporation
Find information on traffic safety and on energy-saving programs.

Safe Young Drivers
Site listing some ABCs for the road and promoting Safe Young Drivers: A Guide for Parents and Teens.

Simulator Systems International
Simulator Systems International is the technological leader in driver evaluation and testing systems, having developed the first computerized driving simulator in 1986 and moved to a standard IBM compatible operating system in 1990.

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