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Clothing/Fashion and Housing/Interiors

Clothing and Fashion
General Housing Resources
Housing Styles and Trends
Renting or Buying a Home
Design and Construction
Landscaping and the Environment
Interior Design
Furniture, Lighting, and Accessories
Kitchens, Laundry Areas, and Baths
Home Safety, Security, and Maintenance

Clothing and Fashion

Simplicity’s Web site takes a look at teaching tools, lesson plans, and sewing basics and techniques.

American Apparel and footwear Association
The AAFA is a trade association representing apparel, footwear, and other sewn products companies and their suppliers. This Web site offers news, history, statistics, and legislative information about the industry.

The American Association Textile Chemists and Colorists is a technical and scientific society devoted to the advancement of textile chemistry.

The American Fiber Manufacturers Association, Inc. (AFMA) is the trade association for U.S. companies that manufacture synthetic and cellulosic fibers.

American Society for Testing Materials
ASTM International is one of the largest voluntary standards development organizations for technical standards for materials, products, systems, and services.

Color Association of the United States
The Color Association is a color forecasting service in the US. Since 1915, the Association has been issuing color reports in fabric-swatched booklet form.

The Fashion Association
The Fashion Association offers links to various fashion web sites.

The Fashion Group International
The Fashion Group International is an association of professionals representing all areas of fashion, apparel, accessories, beauty, and home industries.

Garment Industry Development Corp.
The Garment Industry Development Corporation (GIDC) is a consortium of labor, industry, and government dedicated to strengthening New York's apparel industry.

The Home Sewing Association provides this site for the home sewing industry.

International Apparel Federation
The IAF includes apparel associations from 30 countries representing companies who provide products and services to the apparel industry.

The National NeedleArts Association
TNNA is an international trade organization representing companies specializing in needle arts products and supplies.

New York Fashion International
New York Fashion International (NYFI) works to increase New York apparel manufacturers in exporting their products and also in raising the profile of New York City as a world fashion capital. It is a joint program of the Garment Industry Development Corporation (GIDC), the Fashion Center Business Improvement District (FCBID), and the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC).

Focus on Style
This site provides information about fashion, style, home décor, and shopping.

The History of Costume
This site shows and describes historical dress from antiquity to the end of the 19th century.

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General Housing Resources

The McGraw-Hill Companies hosts this online magazine. It provides "green" architecture stories, information on multimedia projects, in-depth interviews, book reviews, etc.

MSN House & Home
This site provides information on topics like finding a home for sale, finding an apartment, decorating a home, or wiring a wall switch.

Go to this site for an interactive room design tool, home plans, and information on restoration and remodeling projects.

Living Home
This online magazine provides articles on decorating and technology.

Home and Garden Television
This site provides hundreds of illustrated articles on building and remodeling, design and decorating, as well as gardening, crafts, and real estate.

This site offers broad how-to information on topics such as building and remodeling, decorating and design, garden and lawn care, home repairs and maintenance.

Consumer Information
This site from the Federal Trade Commission contains online and downloadable articles on a variety of consumer education topics including homes and housing.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
This site provides information on the Fair Housing Act, fair housing lending, and fair housing planning guide.

Center for Universal Design
This site promotes universal design modifications and provides examples of home construction, projects, and the NCSU educational program.

The Great Buildings Collection
This site is a gateway to architecture around the world and throughout history with photographs of buildings, 3D models, architectural drawings, commentaries, bibliographies, and Web links.

U.S. Census Bureau
This site provides complete census information to help forecast population trends and complete research projects.

This site offers information about original technologies available for homes to all possible parties involved.

This is an interactive site with virtual labs and building challenges to get students thinking about the large structures they see everyday.

Electronic House
This site offers information about new electronic devices for the home, lifestyle planning ideas, and news in the field.

The Henry Ford Museum
This site provides information about R. Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion House, a round aluminum structure.

Family and Consumer Sciences
Click on the Housing link for information from North Carolina State University.

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Housing Styles and Trends

Real Site Designs
A comprehensive listing of housing styles through the years, complete with photographs and descriptions.

Key housing styles into the search box for a illustrations and descriptions.

Frank Lloyd Wright: Designs for an American Landscape
This site provides an overview of Frank Lloyd Wright and his work.

Built in America
This site links users to the a digital exhibition of historic American buildings.

Wright on the Web
This site provides a virtual look at the works of Frank Lloyd Wright.

This site provides an overview of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater complete with elevation drawings and floor plans.

Rediscover America at Greenfield Village
Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan includes many historic American homes and buildings from the past 200 years. Photos and descriptions are online.

Smart Growth America
This site provides news links and a downloadable Smart Growth report.

Sprawl Watch
This site provides up-to-date information on housing growth and trends.

The Not So Big House, Susanka Studios
This site offers a variety of articles and links to new urbanism, building environment-friendly houses, information on decorating smaller homes, and a photo gallery.

The National Association of Home Builders
Search on "Smart Growth" at this site to find information about innovative land-use planning concepts.

CNU: Congress for the New Urbanism
This site provides articles and information about new urbanism and urban building projects.

This site provides lists of communities with cohousing or community housing, information about cohousing, and frequently asked questions with their answers.

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Renting or Buying a Home

This site provides information about contracting a home, selecting a site, signing contracts, and more.

Realty Times
This is an article on landlord responsibilities. Follow the Site Map link to access other articles.

Rutgers University Off-Campus Housing Service
This site includes various articles and guidelines on renting and renter's rights and responsibilities.

The Apartment Renter's Resource
This site provides reviews of hundreds of apartments around the U.S., renting tips, and step-by-step guidelines to various rental situations.

eHow: How to Find a Roommate
This site offers information on how to find a roommate.

The HUD Home Buying Guide
This site provides guidelines on buying a home including financial planning, making an offer, and mortgage information.

This site provides interactive tools for finding homes for sale, picking a neighborhood to meet one's needs, a real estate glossary, and an interactive housing guide.

Home Buying/Selling
This link provides a comprehensive listing of home buying topics with relevant links, how-to's, forums, and frequently asked questions.

This site offers information about the home-buying process, steps to getting a mortgage, Fannie Mae mortgages, and working with a realtor.

Home Buying Guide
This site provides a downloadable home buying guide. It is available in several languages.

Relocation Wizard
This site provides a relocation guide that creates tools for planning a move and reports on quality of life in various cities.

This site provides online help for people who are moving including moving tips, change of address forms, and moving discounts.

People with Disabilities
This site, provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, offers information on supportive housing for people with disabilities.

The Salary Calculator
This site is an interactive salary calculator to help compare the cost of living in hundreds of U.S. cities.

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Design and Construction

House Plans Online
This site provides online floor plans and exterior elevations. It is an excellent resource for viewing a variety of floor plans.

Andersen Windows & Doors
This site offers basic information as well as tips and ideas for windows and patio doors. It includes an online window gallery.

The Home Design Store
This site provides illustrated reviews of 3D design, CAD rendering, and digital media products, as well as online ordering of these products.

Home Design Software Programs
This site offers links to overviews of home design software.

This site provides a gallery of and information about log style homes with 3D software.

Punch! Software
This site is a product catalog with an image gallery of designs created using 3D home design software.

JELD-WEN Windows and Doors
This site provides a gallery of window styles and remodeling tips.

CertainTeed Corp.
This is an interactive site featuring siding, roofing, insulation, fencing, and windows.

BuildingGreen, Inc.
This is an article about the use of PVC in plumbing.

Click on How To or Design Tools for information, calculators, etc.

Fine Homebuilding
The search tool on this site allows students to access articles about various building and design topics.

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Landscaping and the Environment

BuildingGreen, Inc.
This site features articles, product reviews, discussion groups, articles, and links related to green building.

Environmental Protection Agency
This site includes regularly updated online articles about environmental issues ranging from environment-friendly gardening to livable communities.

Use the site's search feature to locate current articles on energy conservation. This site also offers information on remodeling and home improvement.

Energy Star
This site features information about energy-efficient products, homes, and buildings.

This is an online newsletter with environment-friendly and organic landscaping information and tips.

Energy Efficient Interior Design
This site provides information on energy-efficient interior design and guidelines about products that help to conserve energy.

Associated Landscape Contractors of America
This site features industry news, online publications, and consumer tips.

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Interior Design

Introduction to the Elements of Design
This site provides an online introduction to the elements of design.

Room Review
This site contains information on the different components of design and the design process.

Interior Decorating
This site provides an all-inclusive listing of links to various design sites and articles.

Color Matters
This site contains articles about the impact of color on people and their environments and an online bulletin board.

Color Psychology
This is an article about color psychology.

Select the interactive room viewer to try out different wall colors, cabinet colors, and floor colors.

Sherwin-Williams Co.
This site provides an illustrated color planning guide and how-to tips.

Country Living
This is an online magazine provided by iVillage.com with articles about decorating.

American Society of Interior Designers
This site provides comprehensive information about interior design as well as online interviews and industry tips.

This site features demos for three-dimensional home design software.

Better Homes & Gardens
This site includes a how-to encyclopedia, home plans, decorating tips, an interactive room arranging tool, and more.

The Home
This site provides information on furniture, the furniture market, window treatments, floor coverings, rugs, accessories, fabric, and trends in home design.

Ethan Allen
This site features librarian online room planner, design ideas, frequently asked questions about decorating, and an online product catalog that can assist with students' design resource files.

CRI: Carpet & Rug Institute
This site includes information about selecting rugs and carpets, care and cleaning, installation, indoor air quality, as well as facts about the carpet industry.

Fiberworld Classroom
Fiberworld Classroom is an online resource for topics on fibers from manufacturing to history to uses to care and maintenance.

Benjamin Moore Paints
This site features a product guide plus a paint calculator, tips on paint application, and how-tos for decorative finishes. It also includes paint colors and styles through history, and a gallery of architectural styles.

This site offers design tips, trends, and ideas for resilient, laminate, and wood floors.

The Home Depot
This link provides information on building and remodeling and home décor and decorating as well as outdoor living and tools and hardware.

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Furniture, Lighting, and Accessories

Guideposts to Traditional American Furniture
This is a glossary of terminology for and information on 18th century American furniture and descriptions of furniture styles.

National Gallery of Art
Use the search feature to view the gallery collections of furniture.

View this Delaware museum's collection of antique American furniture by clicking on About Winterthur and then The Museum Collections.

This site features a comprehensive listing of links to furniture styles from the 17th through the 20th centuries, a glossary of modern terms, furniture design, and articles on furniture.

American Lighting Association
This site offers lighting and fan information.

Click on the How To and select Lighting and Electrical to access online articles about lighting.

IALD: International Association of Lighting Designers
This site offers information on lighting design and the importance of using a lighting designer.

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Kitchens, Laundry Areas, and Baths

This site provides design ideas and product information.

This site includes GE news, design ideas, product information, and financial services for business and personal use.

This site features a collection gallery, design inspiration, and customer service.

KitchenAid U.S.A.
This site offers product information broken up into categories, as well as customer service and a user forum.

Maytag Corporation, Inc.
This site features product information, ideas, and advice.

Sharp Electronics Corp.
Click on Appliances to link to related product information and support.

Select Appliances to link to relevant product information.

Select Kitchen & Bath to view a product catalog and design ideas.

This site includes overviews of appliances and other products from numerous manufacturers.

Kitchen Design for the WheelChair User
This is a comprehensive article on kitchen design provided by Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Decotech 3D Design Software
This site includes free downloadable demos and a slide show for 3D design software and a gallery of images created with the software.

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Home Safety, Security, and Maintenance

Healthy Homes Month
This site from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides information about making a home safer and healthier.

Institute for Business & Home Safety
This site offers downloadable articles on various home safety guidelines as well as building codes.

Safe Within
This site contains frequently updated online articles about home security, environmental safety, fire safety, and links for home safety resources.

Room-by-Room Safety Tips
This site offers room-by-room home safety tips.

Kwikset Corp.
This site provides photos and descriptions of various locks and deadbolts.

This site offers comprehensive how-to information for building/remodeling, repairing, and decorating and community links for various house projects as well as a community forum.

Family and Consumer Sciences
This site from North Carolina State University includes various online publications ranging from recipes for environmentally friendly household cleaning products to a preventive home maintenance guide, as well as links to other housing and home furnishing websites.

Hints from Heloise
This site includes online cleaning and homemaking tips.

All About Home
Use the search feature to find cleaning tips for various rooms of a home as well as guidelines for organizing clutter.

Interior Decorating
This is a listing of links to online articles on topics ranging from cleaning the kitchen to cleaning wood floors.

This site provides hundreds of tips on cleaning a house from the attic to the basement.

This TV series website offers articles on home improvement, remodeling, and repair.

This Old House
Projects from the PBS television series are featured on this site, along with an opportunity to ask questions about tools, tips, and techniques.

Start Remodeling, Inc.
This site offers professional advice to frequently asked questions, links to other remodeling sites, and links to do-it-yourself online articles.

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