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Do you enjoy solving brainteasers and riddles? Are you the sort of person who thrives on the challenge of cracking a secret code? It might interest you to know that mind puzzles are more than just entertainment for a rainy day. Indeed, such puzzles provide a "window" on the workings of the human brain and on the process of cognition--the ability to reason and think out abstract solutions to problems.

Try This: Developing the capacity to think critically and to solve problems creatively are two indicators of good mental health. In this activity, you get a chance to flex your mental powers in both areas. You and a small group of classmates will work on some mind puzzles found at the Web sites listed below under Health Links. You then create a puzzle of your own, challenging other groups in the class to solve it. To get started, click on the button that prints out your worksheet. After spending some time at the various puzzle pages, complete your worksheet.


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