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Eye on the Media

Unit 1: A Healthy Foundation

Chapter 1: Living a Healthy Life: Teens in the Media

Chapter 2:Building Health Skills and Character: Health Advocacy in the Media
Chapter 3:Being a Health—Literate Consumer: Today’s “Health Beat”
Unit 2: Physical Activity and Nutrition
Chapter 4:Physical Activity for Life: Truth in Fitness Advertising?
Chapter 5:Nutrition and Your Health: Analyzing Food Ads
Chapter 6:Managing Mental and Emotional Health: Body Image in Teen Magazines
Unit 3: Mental and Emotional Health
Chapter 7:Achieving Good Mental Health: Emotional Health in TV Programs
Chapter 8:Managing Stress and Anxiety: Advertising Stress Relief
Chapter 9:Managing Mental and Emotional Health: Creating Positive Media Influences
Unit 4: Promoting Safe and Healthy Relationships
Chapter 10:Skills for Healthy Relationships: Internet Etiquette and Relationships
Chapter 11:Family Relationships: Family Dramas
Chapter 12:Peer Relationships: Screenplays for Healthy Peer Relationships
Chapter 13:Violence Prevention: Antiviolence Media Campaign
Unit 5: Personal Care and Body Systems
Chapter 14:Personal Care and Healthy Behaviors: Media Technologies for People with Disabilities
Chapter 15:Skeletal, Muscular, and Nervous Systems: Soft Drink versus Milk Advertisements
Chapter 16:Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems: Healthy Hearts and Lungs Week
Chapter 17:Digestive and Urinary Systems: Dietary Supplement Advertising
Chapter 18:Endocrine and Reproductive Systems: Gender Representation in the Media
Unit 6: Growth and Development
Chapter 19:Prenatal Development and Birth: Reading Programs for Children
Chapter 20:Adolescence and the Life Cycle: Representation of Older Adults in the Media
Unit 7: Tobacco, Alcohol, and Other Drugs
Chapter 21:Tobacco: Which Antismoking Ads Are Most Effective with Teens?
Chapter 22:Alcohol: Researching Alcohol Issues on the Internet
Chapter 23:Medicines and Drugs: Interview About Steroid Use
Unit 8: Diseases and Disorders
Chapter 24:Communicable Diseases: Media Messages on Emerging Infections
Chapter 25:Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV/AIDS: Mock Radio Call-In Program
Chapter 26:Noncommunicable Diseases and Disabilities: Prescription Drug Advertising
Unit 9: Injury Prevention and Environmental Health
Chapter 27:Fishes and Amphibians: Middle-School Safe Behaviors Project
Chapter 28:Reptiles and Birds: Emergency and Rescue Workers in the Media
Chapter 29:Mammals: Environmental Health in the News



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