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Fast Food Dining Guide


"Eating is one of life's greatest pleasures." This is a headline on the first page of the U.S. government booklet Nutrition and Your Health: Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This observation, along with references to "enjoyment" and "pleasurable ways to combine foods," had some health professionals shaking their heads. Were the government authors suggesting that any food--even previously unmentionable items such as sweets--could be part of a healthful eating pattern?

Try This: You can determine the answer to the above question for yourself. Even fast foods can be counted in a healthful eating plan when attention is paid to calories, fat content, sodium content, and other nutrient values. You and several classmates are about to prove this point. To begin, visit one or both of the first two Web sites listed below to find out about daily nutritional needs. Then, after clicking on the button that prints out your worksheet, visit the last site on fast foods and nutrition. Read the instructions on the site before entering the food items you wish to research. Use the information from the three sites to create a guide to healthful dining at fast-food restaurants in your community. Use your worksheet to help you plan.


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