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Medical Illustration


If you have ever assembled a toy, hobby item, or other object from a kit, you are probably aware of how indispensable technical art can be. Known as tech art for short, this field of illustration is not limited to creating the "how-to" diagrams that come with kits. The work of some technical artists--specifically, those known as medical illustrators--might even be credited with helping to save lives. By creating clear and detailed drawings of human anatomy and medical procedures, medical illustrators play a vital role in the education of doctors and other health professionals.

Try This: Do you like to draw or sketch? Regardless of your answer, read on. You may discover that the field of medical illustration holds much of interest to you. To begin your exploration of the tasks and skills associated with a career in this rewarding and potentially well-paying field, click the button that prints out your worksheet. Then visit one or more of the Web sites appearing under Health Links below. Investigate the association and the profession, and view some images at the site. Use the information you find to complete the career profile on your worksheet.


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