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Health Quests

Personal Health Inventory


Have you ever set out for the beach or a picnic only to have it start raining? The weather is an aspect of life over which you have no control. The environment is also an uncontrollable factor, along with heredity and culture. Luckily, there are steps you can take to minimize the personal health risks associated with these factors. This activity heightens your awareness of these steps as they pertain to your personal level of health.

Try This: You probably have some experience filling out contest entry forms. The on-line form you are about to complete is in many ways similar to such forms, though the "grand prize"--an assessment of your current level of health--has no price tag. To get started, click the button that prints out your worksheet. Then visit the site identified under Health Links below. Read the instructions and select a fictitious username and password as indicated. Use the insights you gain at the site to complete your worksheet.



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