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Health Quests

Create a Health Lesson Plan


Have you ever taught a skill or explained a concept to a younger brother or sister? Passing along knowledge that helps shape a young mind can be a rewarding experience, which is why so many people enter the teaching profession. When the lesson is related to some aspect of health education and results in a positive change that increases the individual's chance for a long and healthy life, the rewards are that much greater!

Try This: Here is your chance to gain some firsthand experience as a health teacher. Based on your knowledge of health concepts and/or range of interests, create a lesson plan. If possible, arrange to teach your health lesson to a class of young learners at a local elementary school or preschool. For starters, click the button that prints out your worksheet. Explore one or more of the Web sites appearing under Health Links below, and choose one subject as the basis for your lesson. Use the worksheet to help plan your lesson.


Health Links Health Links
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