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Recipe for Recycling


During the Middle Ages, a group of pseudo-scientists called alchemists claimed to be able to change base metals into precious ones such as gold or silver. Although this claim was certainly false, today the business of turning useless objects into valued ones is a huge undertaking. The business is called recycling, and, technically speaking, it is the converting of waste materials into consumer products and other items for reuse. Health experts and environmentalists alike agree that recycling may well represent our last hope of saving the earth's forests and other irreplaceable resources from extinction.

Try This: More than 80 percent of all items of household waste can be recycled. Do you know what those items are or what can be made from them? You and a group of classmates are about to find out. First, click on the button that prints out your worksheet. Next, visit the Web sites shown under Health Links below. Study the pictures and descriptions of recycled goods, then brainstorm an original invention for a product to be manufactured from recycled materials. Use the worksheet to chart your progress.


Health Links Health Links
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