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Unit 2 Promoting Physical Health

Health Inventory

Increase your awareness of your own health and your commitment to it by completing a Health Inventory and Personal Wellness Contract.

Web Links

Chapter 5, Lesson 1
Kids Food CyberClub

Food keeps you healthy and helps your body grow. Do you know how? Take the "Food Keeps us Well!" challenge to learn more.

Chapter 5, Lesson 2
Understanding the Food Guide Pyramid

You know about the Food Guide Pyramid. But do you know what counts as a serving? Write down what you eat for a day and calculate how many servings you consume from each food group. Do you stay within the limits set by the pyramid? If not, what can you change about your eating habits?

Chapter 5, Lesson 3
Nutrition Café

Tracking down the unhealthy culprits in an eating plan takes a good understanding of nutrition and some solid detective work. Become a nutrition sleuth and find the missing nutrients in each of the case files on this site. Can you find them all?

Chapter 5, Lesson 4
Bodies in Motion, Minds at Rest

Learn what you can do to get into shape and stay that way. Set some reasonable goals for yourself. For example, you might try to do more sit ups, run longer, or lift more weights by the end of the month. Challenge yourself to achieve your goals.



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