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How the World Was Made
retold by James Mooney

The Sky Tree
retold by Joseph Bruchac

The First Men and Women
Many Native American cultures found an explanation for the origin of the world by creatively interpreting nature. This site offers another creation myth—one based on the beliefs of the Aboriginal people of Australia. Create an illustration for "The First Men and Women" using paints, charcoal, fabrics, or other media.

Joseph Bruchac, Storyteller
In this essay, Joseph Bruchac remembers the people who influenced his career and discusses the power of storytelling. He maintains that the best stories serve two purposes: They entertain and they teach. In a short essay, describe how the story "The Sky Tree" meets these two criteria.

The Creation of the earth
In this collection of creation myths, Sarah Steele retells the same Cherokee myth James Mooney tells in "How the World Was Made." Read or listen to this alternate version, noting any similarities or differences between it and Mooney's version. Which do you prefer? Why? Record your answers in the Web Links Activity Log.