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from Kubota
by Garrett Hongo

Construction under way for Japanese-American memorial
This CNN article describes a memorial being built to honor Japanese Americans. "It is being called both a war memorial and a civil rights memorial because it honors both Japanese-Americans who fought for the United States in World War II and those who were sent to internment camps because of their ancestry." What might Kubota have to say about such a memorial? With a partner, role-play an interview between a CNN reporter and Kubota in which you discuss Kubota's experiences and opinions of the memorial.

Kilauea Volcano
Here you can read about the Kilauea volcano that Garrett Hongo found so inspirational and view phenomenal photographs of the volcano in action. After browsing the site, think about something from the natural world that is inspirational to you. Write a poem, essay, or song lyric expressing your emotions about this place.