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The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare Online
Learn more about the life and works of Shakespeare at this wide-ranging Web site. Visit Topics and Romeo and Juliet for a list of essay questions about the famous play. Use your own knowledge and information you gather from this site to answer three of the questions. Record your answers in the Web Links Activity Log.

Shakespeare Illustrated
To view a gallery of illustrations for Romeo and Juliet, click The Plays and then Romeo and Juliet. Imagine that you are a publicist for a small theater company. Select one of the paintngs to appear in an ad for your theaterís upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet. Write a headline for the image that grabs the readerís attention. Then, write a brief summary of the play, when it will appear, and who will star in it.

Shakespeare's Globe Theater
This Web site provides information on the Globe Theater of Shakespeare's day as well as the new Globe Theater which opened to the public in 1997, only 200 yards from its original site. Click on Key Dates and Plays, past and present for more information about both the old Globe and the new, reconstructed Globe Theater. How might attending one of these plays enhance your understanding and appreciation for Shakespeare's work? Write your thoughts in the Web Links Activity Log.

Surfing with the Bard
Billed as "your Shakespeare classroom on the Internet," this site serves as a comprehensive resource for both students and teachers. Sections include play guides, homework help, and history links. Imagine that you have been asked to evaluate this site for a Web guidebook. Write a brief review of "Surfing with the Bard."

West Side Story
The famous Broadway play of 1957 is detailed on this site. Read the description of this play. Would the Capulets be Sharks or Jets? To help you figure this out, make a chart listing the characters in Romeo and Juliet and their corresponding characters in West Side Story.