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Literature Course 5
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Catch the Moon

by Judith Ortiz Cofer

The Stages of Grief
Grief over the death of his mother is one reason why Luis keeps acting out. Grief also affects Luis’s father and impacts the way the two interact. This Web site explains the stages people move through when dealing with a loss. With a partner, list instances from the story in which the behavior of Luis or his father illustrates the grieving process. Discuss whether the two have come to the acceptance stage by the end of the story.

A Melus Interview: Julia Ortiz Cofer
In this interview, Ortiz Cofer discusses some of the cultural stereotypes she encountered while growing up. How can students in your school be more sensitive to people from different cultures? Discuss your ideas with a small group of classmates

A Collector’s Vision of Puerto Rico
This site, sponsored by the National Museum of American History, offers colorful photographs of Puerto Rican fine art and everyday objects in an effort to preserve the unique history and culture of Puerto Rico. The site is divided into several sections that explore topics such as Puerto Rican history, religion, music, and family. Use the photos and information found here to create a display of Puerto Rican culture and art.