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from The Immortality of Writers
So Small are the flowers of Seamu
translated by Ezra Pound and Noel Stock

Ancient Egypt
This engaging and interactive site from the British Museum gives a thorough overview of life in ancient Egypt. Each heading, such as Egyptian Life or Mummification gives general information and a choice of three subheadings. Story presents a tale about that particular topic, Explore shares artifacts and information, and Challenge provides an interactive game or other activity. Choose a topic and give an oral report for your classmates to share what you’ve learned.

Sonnet XVIII
"The Immortality of Writers" explores a common theme in poetry–how writing can keep the memory of a person alive. Visit this site and read Shakespeare’s "Sonnet XVIII." How does Shakespeare’s sonnet compare with the Egyptian poem in terms of theme? Can you think of any other poems that explore this theme? Discuss these questions with your classmates.

Hydroponics: Egyptian Gardens
In "So small are the flowers of Seamu," the speaker compares his love to a garden "of grass and perfumed flowers" and notes that "pleasant is the channel you have dug." This site describing the gardens and irrigation systems of ancient Egypt will help you visualize the images in the poem. Use the information from the site and the images in the poem to draw or paint a picture of an ancient Egyptian garden.