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Fractals, Geometry, and Trigonometry

Chaos in the Classroom
The mathematical topics of chaos and fractals are particularly timely. Many ideas in these fields were first conceived during the students' lifetimes.

Dave's Math Tables
Theorems, Proofs, Tables, Identities, and Graphs

Dynamic Geometry Software
Students and teachers at all levels of education, as well as researchers and the simply curious, have found tools such as Sketchpad and Cabri to be indispensable in creating an exciting, discovery-oriented geometry environment. If you don't have a drawing program, you can download demos of the commercial software, and then set up your Web browser to use the demos.

Fibonacci Numbers and Nature
Learn about Fibonacci numbers and how they relate to rabbits, bees, shell spirals, branching plants, and more.

Explore this web site on fractals for elementary and middle school students.

The Fractal Microscope
The Fractal Microscope is an interactive tool designed by the Education Group at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) for exploring the Mandelbrot set and other fractal patterns.

Geometry of the Mandelbrot Set
Extend your knowledge of the Mandelbrot and Julia sets at the Geometry of the Mandelbrot site.

Geometry Problem of the Week
Try your hand at the weekly problem or challenge yourself with the monthly contest.

Spanky Welcome
This is a collection of fractals and fractal related material on the Net.

Tessellation Tutorials
Tutorials and templates for making your own tessellations

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