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State networks and education agencies work cooperatively with AskERICto provide the highest level of education information service to large groups of educators.

Awesome Library
Awesome Library links to the top 5 percent of education web sites and over 22,000 carefully reviewed resources.

The California Mathematics Homepage
This page is one of four subject matter web pages called The Schools of California Online Resource for Education (SCORE). It is designed especially for mathematics teachers and students in California. The contents and links are intended to reflect the state's mathematics framework.

CPRC GirlTECH Lesson Plans
GirlTECH teachers designed these lesson plans to take full advantage of Internet resources and to teach mathematics and science concepts in new and exciting ways.

Education World
Learn about lesson plans, financial planning, books in education, and what's hot in education today.

The Explorer™
The Explorer™ is a collection of educational resources (instructional software, lab activities, lesson plans, student created materials, etc.) for K-12 mathematics and science education.

Glencoe Mathematics
Glencoe Secondary Education Mathematics Web Site

Geolegs make geometry fun and easy for elementary, middle school, and high school students by keeping them completely engaged in their own learning through measuring, drawing, and forming language and algebraic conclusions.

Knowledge Integration Environment
Teachers, use the net to foster a critical eye in science.

Making Mathematics
The goal of Making Mathematics is to provide high school students and teachers with the materials and mentorship necessary for engaging in a mathematical research experience.

MarcoPolo Search
Use the MarcoPolo Search Engine to find lesson plans and resources by grade level.

Math Central
Visit this K-12 math education site that features Teacher Talk, a Resource Room, Quandaries and Queries, and a Bulletin Board.

Math Forum Web Units and Lessons
The Math Forum is committed to being a resource built upon the activity of the teachers, students, and researchers who use it.

MATH Mini-Lessons
High School (9-12) Math Lessons

MATH Mini-Lessons
Middle School (6-8) Math Lessons

Mathematics Lessons and WebQuests
Check out the Lessons and WebQuests available here for Arithemetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, Discrete Math, and more.

Mathematics Lessons Database
This database contains Internet-based lessons in mathematics and programs related to teaching mathematics.

New York Times Mathematics Lesson Plans Archive
This archive contains free lesson plans for grades 6-12.

Online Mentoring Program for Mathematics and Science Teachers
Check out the Southwest Consortium for the Improvement of Mathematics and Science Teaching (SCIMAST) online resources that help math and science teachers succeed.

Problems with a Point
This site complements and supports existing curricula by providing a resource for teachers who use, or are only beginning to use, a problem-centered approach. This resource will also help parents and tutors support problem-based learning in out-of-school settings.

Project SkyMath: Making Mathematical Connections
This page is designed for middle school mathematics teachers and contains the information needed for teachers to use the 15 classroom activities of SkyMath. It is an effective and innovative way to present elements of the middle school mathematics curriculum.

Teachers Helping Teachers
The goal of this innovative service is:

  • To provide basic teaching tips to inexperienced teachers; ideas that can be immediately implemented into the classroom.
  • To provide new ideas in teaching methodologies for all teachers.
  • To provide a forum for experienced teachers to share their expertise and tips with colleagues around the world.

Teaching Today
Teaching Today is a new professional development Web site for secondary teachers. Teaching Today features daily teaching tips, free pdf downloads, annotated Web resources, educational news and more. The site contains a wealth of information on topics from High Stakes Testing to Classroom Management.

Explore lesson ideas by subject area.

WebTeacher is a self-paced internet tutorial that puts both basic and in-depth information about the World Wide Web at your fingertips - just a mouse click away!

Welcome to the NCTM Home Page
The online service of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

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