Mathematics: Applications & Concepts, Course 1
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Data Updates

Our Web site offers a convenient way to keep the data in examples and exercises in Glencoe Geometry current. The links below provide data updates and are organized by chapter.

Chapter 1 (page 9)
Number of U.S. Year Round Schools

Chapter 2 (page 59)
Australia's Population

Chapter 4 (page 146)
Average Time of CD Tracks

Chapter 5 (page 189)
Running Time of Favorite Movies

Chapter 6 (page 142)
Baseball Standings

Chapter 7 (page 264)
Part of the Area of Each State that is Water

Chapter 8 (page 303)
Mercury's Nighttime and Daytime Surface Temps

Chapter 9 (page 347)
Capacity of a MLB Baseball Stadium

Chapter 10 (page 406)
State Sales Tax for the U.S. States

Chapter 11 (page 441)
Number of Kids Aged 10-14 Living in Each State

Chapter 12 (page 492)
Depth of the Latest Earthquake

Chapter 13 (page 531)
U.S. State Flags

Chapter 14 (page 558)
Area of a Circles Appearing on Hockey Rink


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Mathematics: Applications & Concepts, Course 1