Mathematics: Applications & Concepts, Course 2
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Group Activity Cards

and Operations

Number of players: 4
Materials: Index cards, spinner
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Copy onto a large sheet of paper (or several sheets taped together) the game board shown below. Be sure that you can place an index card above and below each fraction bar. Make two sets of cards containing the numbers 1-12, one number per card. Shuffle each set of cards. Label equal sections of a spinner "Numerator" and "Denominator."

Work in pairs. Each pair divides a set of cards evenly. Then one partner from each pair spins the spinner. The spinner tells whether each partner's cards should be placed in the numerator or the denominator. The other partner in each group places his or her cards on the game board to complete each fraction. Each partner finds the product space of the numbers on his or her cards, writes the product on a blank card and places it in the product space on the game board. Finally, partners show the solution in simplest form. The pair with the greater product winds the round. Play several rounds.

Game board


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Mathematics: Applications & Concepts, Course 2