Mathematics: Applications & Concepts, Course 2
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Group Activity Cards


Use groups of 3.
Materials: String, index cards, protractor
Turn, Turn, Turn

Collect at least seven different objects from the classroom. Place them as shown in the figure below. Write the name of each object on an index card. Shuffle the cards and place them face down in a pile. Cut two pieces of string that are about a foot longer than the radius of the circle you made.

One group member selects a card and then stands at the center of the circle. The other two group members stand just outside the circle, beside the point indicated by the X.

The group member in the center of the circle holds one end of both strings. Each of the other group members holds one of the other ends. The group member at the center reads the name of the object on the card, and one of the other group members walks counterclockwise around the circle to stand beside that object. Discuss the angle formed by the string. Is it right, acute, or obtuse? Estimate the measure of the angle formed. Later, use the string and a protractor to check your estimates.

Continue in the same manner, taking turns standing at the center.



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Mathematics: Applications & Concepts, Course 2