Mathematics: Applications & Concepts, Course 2
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Group Activity Cards

Use groups of 3.
Materials: Poster paper
Class Statistics

In this activity, you will work with a partner to make a poster consisting of three circle graphs that describes your class.

Begin by selecting three questions that you would like to ask your class. Choose questions that will allow you to most accurately describe your class. For example, you could choose to ask what movie the students like or how tall the students are. However, when you survey the class, you will want to limit their choices to 5 movies or give 5 ranges of heights (for example, one range might be students between 4'9" and 4'11"). Each circle graph should have five categories.

Next, survey the class. Using this data, create 3 circle graphs on poster paper. Include other important information, such as labels for your graphs and a few lines at the bottom of your poster about why you chose the questions you did. As a class, discuss which group's posters are the most informative and why.


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Mathematics: Applications & Concepts, Course 2