Mathematics: Applications & Concepts, Course 2
Mathematics: Applications & Concepts, Course 2 Glencoe Online
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Group Activity Cards

Use groups of 2.
Materials: Almanacs, paper
Did You Know ... ?

Gather data relating to one of the topics below using an almanac.

  • College Tuition
  • Rainfall
  • Tall Buildings
  • Schools with computers
  • U.S. Population
  • Major Rivers

Write a brief description of your data set. Next, choose one of the following ways to represent the data: frequency table, bar graph, line plot, stem-and-leaf plot, or box-and-whisker plot. Write an explanation for why you chose this representation. Find the mode, median, and mean of the data. Draw your graph.

Finally, display your graphical representation and explain it to the rest of the class. Make sure to include why you chose the type of representation in your presentation.


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Mathematics: Applications & Concepts, Course 2