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Group Activity Cards


Number of players: 4
Materials: Index cards
Get a Clue

Copy onto cards the names, locations, and types of clothing shown below, one per card. For each category, shuffle the cards and then remove one card. Place these three cards aside, face down. Shuffle the remaining cards together and divide them evenly.

You will use your cards and the answers other group members give to determine what will be on the cover of the next J. Tweedies catalog. The three cards that remain face down tell what will be on the cover, so the cards that were selected tell what won't be.

One player asks the player to his or her left a question in this form: "Is it (model) on the (location) wearing the (clothing type)?" If the player being asked has a card that will eliminate one of these possibilities, he or she must show it to the player asking the question. Continue in the same way, taking turns asking questions and writing "yes" and "no" in the chart to confirm or eliminate possibilities. If you think you know the cover, you may guess and look at the cards on your turn. If you are wrong, you may not guess again, but you may continue to be asked questions by other players.



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Mathematics: Applications & Concepts, Course 2