Mathematics: Applications & Concepts, Course 2
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Group Activity Cards

and Probability

Use groups of 2.
Materials: Centimeter grid paper, spinners, colored pencils
Game Makers

Copy the figure shown below onto centimeter grid paper. Label equal sections of one spinner with the letters A through J. Label equal sections of a second spinner with the numbers 1 through 10.

Using the figure you drew on grid paper, design a game with the following probabilities for scoring points: 0.2 for 0 points; 0.6 for 1 point; 0.15 for 2 points; and 0.05 for 5 points. Use colored pencils to shade squares showing different point values.

Play the game you created. In turn, each player spins both spinners, locates the square identified by the coordinates shown, and writes the value of that square. Find the sum of your points after ten spins. Who won? Could the game board be changed to make the game more interesting?



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Mathematics: Applications & Concepts, Course 2