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Educational Partners
  Glencoe Mathematics is committed to providing teachers and students with the widest possible range of materials for the classroom. In addition to the materials developed by Glencoe, we have partnered with the companies below to offer an even broader range of learning products.
The Stock Market Game The Stock Market Game™ Program is an investment education program developed by the Foundation for Investor Education. Starting with a virtual cash account of $100,000, students work in teams to create the best-performing portfolio using a live trading simulation. The program teaches and reinforces essential skills and concepts in math, language arts, social studies, and economics, and builds students' critical thinking, decision making, and communication skills.

Project CRISS Project CRISS™ [CReating Independence through Student-owned Strategies] is a research-based staff development program created to help students better organize, understand and retain course information. Project CRISS Study Skills were developed with leaders from Project CRISS to facilitate the teaching of chapters of Glencoe Mathematics: Applications and Concepts, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. These strategies appear in the interleaves of the Teacher Wraparound Editions.

Hotmath Math Homework Help Hotmath is based on education research from 1990 to 1994: students learn and retain mathematical concepts better when they can view worked-out solutions to about half of their homework problems. Hotmath, Inc. is based in Kensington, California, and was founded in 2000 by math educators.
USA TODAY USA TODAY® Education and Glencoe have joined forces to make mathematics come alive with exciting, current, and relevant data. By incorporating USA TODAY®'s powerful, one-of-a-kind Snapshots into the mathematical content, Glencoe products will engage students as never before.

Foldables Study Organizer

Dinah Zike

Glencoe teams with Dinah Zike to bring Foldables™ to your classroom. Foldables are three-dimensional, interactive, student-made graphic organizers. As students fold paper, cut tabs, and manipulate what they have made, they are involved in learning. You will find examples of how to use Foldables in every chapter of Glencoe mathematics products, copyrights 2003 and later.

The McGraw-Hill Companies