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Data Updates

Our Web site offers a convenient way to keep the data in examples and exercises in Glencoe Algebra current. The links below provide data updates and are organized by chapter.

Chapter 1 (page 43)
Bald Eagles

Chapter 2 (page 68)
Population of Cities from 1990 to 2000

Chapter 3 (page 119)
Currency exchange rates

Chapter 4 (page 157)
Computer Memory

Chapter 5 (page 229)
Endangered Species in U.S.

Chapter 6 (page 267)

Chapter 7 (page 348)

Chapter 9 (page 439)
Roller Coasters

Chapter 10 (page 543)
Land Area of States

Chapter 11 (page 587)
Dimensions of Egyptian Pyramids

Chapter 12 (page 625)
Roller Coasters

Chapter 13 (page 690)
Internet Growth


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