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Internet Projects

Internet projects connected to the mathematics of each unit in Glencoe Advanced Mathematical Concepts provide students with the opportunity to use the Internet to conduct research to complete a long-term project. Each project is an excellent opportunity for students to apply what they are learning as they complete their project either individually or as part of a cooperative learning group.

Unit 1 (page 3)

Chapter 1 (page 61)
Is Anybody Listening?

Chapter 2 (page 123)
You've Got Mail!

Chapter 3 (page 201)
Sorry, You Are Out of Range for Your
Telephone Service ...

Chapter 4 (page 271)
The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword!

Unit 2 (page 275)
The CyberClassRoom

Chapter 5 (page 339)
Does Anyone Out There Know Anything About Trigonometry?

Chapter 6 (page 417)
What Is Your Sine?

Chapter 7 (page 481)
That's as Clear as Mud!

Chapter 8 (page 547)
Vivid Vectors!

Unit 3 (page 551)
Space - The Final Frontier

Chapter 9 (page 611)
From Point A to Point B

Chapter 10 (page 691)
Out in Obrit!

Chapter 11 (page 753)
Kepler is Still King!

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Unit 4 (page 757)
The United States Census Bureau

Chapter 12 (page 833)
That's a Lot of People

Chapter 13 (page 885)
Radically Random

Chapter 14 (page 937)
More and More Models!

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Unit 5 (page 940)

Chapter 15 (page 981)

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