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Chapter Test

  Algebra 1 © 2001

  Chapter Review is designed to let you test your skills with a sampling
  of problems from each chapter in your textbook. Choose your chapter
  from the list below.

Chapter 1  Exploring Expressions, Equations, and Functions
Chapter 2  Exploring Rational Numbers
Chapter 3  Solving Linear Equations
Chapter 4  Using Proportional Reasoning
Chapter 5  Graphing Relations and Functions
Chapter 6  Analyzing Linear Equations
Chapter 7  Solving Linear Inequalities
Chapter 8  Solving Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities
Chapter 9  Exploring Polynomials
Chapter 10  Using Factoring
Chapter 11  Exploring Quadratic and Exponential Functions
Chapter 12  Exploring Rational Expressions and Equations
Chapter 13  Exploring Radical Expression and Equations