1.   What is the frequency represented by the tally marks shown below?
    A. 4 B. 32
    C. 17 D. 15

  2.   A group of students was asked whether they prefer vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate ice cream. A frequency table shows that 53 of the students surveyed prefer vanilla, 29 prefer strawberry, and 18 prefer chocolate. If they all responded, how many students were surveyed?
    A. 47 B. 82
    C. 53 D. 100

  3.   In a survey, 26 students said they walked to school, 39 said a family member drove them, 17 said they carpooled, and 112 said they rode a bus. How many tally marks would be in a frequency table displaying this information?
    A. 112 B. 82
    C. 182 D. 194

  4.   At your birthday party, you decided to vote on what to do first. Based on the results shown in the frequency table, which activity won?
    A. play soccer B. watch a movie
    C. play truth or dare D. open presents

  5.   Based on the data, how many of Alicia's friends are below five feet tall?
    A. 6 B. 4
    C. 5 D. 7