1.   A bar graph ______.
    A. uses bars of different heights to compare data B. does not have a vertical axis
    C. uses bars of different widths to compare data D. uses bars of different perimeters to compare data

  2.   A line graph _________________________.
    A. is best used to show changes over time
    B. shows only increases in data
    C. does not have line segments connecting the data points
    D. must have years labeled on the horizontal axis

  3.   The bar graph below shows the percent of Titanic passengers that were saved. What conclusion can be made from the graph?
    A. All of the women survived. B. None of the men survived.
    C. A greater percent of women survived than men or children. D. About half of the men survived.

  4.   The line graph below shows Onatah's growth in the last four years. What conclusion can not be made from the graph?
    A. Onatah has gotten taller every year she has been measured. B. Onatah was shorter when measured in 2000 than when measured in 1999.
    C. Onatah was about 3'11'' in 1998. D. Onatah was about 5'0'' in 2001.

  5.   The value of a normal car decreases as time passes. What would a line graph of this data look like?
    A. It would decrease from left to right. B. It would be a vertical line.
    C. It would be a horizontal line. D. It would increase from left to right.