1.   The line graph shows the average daily temperature for a city. Predict the average temperature in the city for Saturday.
    A. 43°F B. 46°F
    C. 0°F D. 37°F

  2.   The line graph shows the time it takes Kyle to climb the steps in the Statue of Liberty. Predict the total time it will take him to climb 354 steps to the top of the statue, if his rate remains approximately the same.
    A. 10 min B. 20 min
    C. 16 min D. 12 min

  3.   Minya has started a summer reading program for herself, to improve her reading speed. After reading 1,000 pages, she begins to graph her progress. Predict Minya's reading speed after reading 5,000 pages of various books.
    A. 300 words per minute B. 100 words per minute
    C. 400 words per minute D. 200 words per minutes

  4.   Bedagi was told that after a long bicycle ride, he should check his pulse. The graph is of his pulse compared to how many blocks he rode. What will his pulse be after riding 6 blocks?
    A. 160 beats per minute B. 190 beats per minute
    C. 300 beats per minute D. 120 beats per minute

  5.   Kendrick's family has a peach tree in the back yard. The following data is the number of peaches the tree produced each year after they bought it. According to the data, how many peaches should it produce in 2007?
    A. 100 peaches B. 70 peaches
    C. 30 peaches D. 63 peaches