1.   A graph is misleading if ______.
    A. there are no labels on either scale B. it has a title
    C. it is a line graph with years labeled on the horizontal axis D. it is a bar graph

  2.   Is the graph below misleading?
    A. cannot tell from the graph B. Yes, because bar graphs are usually misleading.
    C. Yes, because there are no labels on either scale. D. no

  3.   Is the graph of U.S. unemployment misleading?
    A. Yes, the years are not labeled. B. Yes, the unemployment rate is not labeled.
    C. Yes, the graph has no title. D. No.

  4.   Which of the following data would best be described by mode?
    A. Average price of cars made in 1999 B. Most common favorite number of the set of favorite numbers of people in the United States
    C. Average age of people who buy a summer pool pass D. Typical family income per year in Montana

  5.   Two line graphs can look notably dissimilar using different _____ but the same data.
    A. axis names B. colors
    C. scales D. titles