1.   A misleading statistic ______.
    A. occurs when there are two modes in a set of data B. is another name for an incorrect map
    C. can be a graph or a measure of central tendency D. always involves a graph

  2.   Choose the measure of central tendency that would best describe the set of data. 22, 1, 1, 24, 20, 29, 25, 26, 50, 21, 23
    A. mean or median B. mean, median, or mode
    C. mode D. range and mean

  3.   Is the graph of U.S. unemployment misleading?
    A. Yes, the years are not labeled. B. Yes, the graph has no title.
    C. Yes, the unemployment rate is not labeled. D. No.

  4.   Which of the following data would best be described by mode?
    A. Average price of cars made in 1999 B. Most common favorite number of the set of favorite numbers of people in the United States
    C. Typical family income per year in Montana D. Average age of people who buy a summer pool pass

  5.   Which of the following graphs is not misleading?
    A. B.
    C. D.