1.   The scale for a drawing of a barn is inch = 4 feet. If a pole in the drawing measures inches, how tall is the actual pole?
    A. 10 feet B. 20 feet
    C. 30 feet D. 40 feet

  2.   The scale drawing of an artist's work has a scale of 1 inch =
18 inches. Find the size of the original work.
    A. 33 inches by 27 inches B. 5 feet by 6 feet
    C. 90 inches by 108 inches D. 20 inches by 36 inches

  3.   Mike has an assignment to construct a scale drawing of an outdoor chair. He plans to use the scale 1 inch = 4 inches. If the height of the chair is 16 inches, how tall should it be in the drawing?
    A. 4 inches B. 6 inches
    C. 2 inches D. 8 inches

  4.   Monifa made a scale model of a helicopter. If the scale is 1 in. = 3 ft, and the model is inches tall, how tall is the actual helicopter?
    A. ft B. 15 ft
    C. ft D. ft

  5.   Tina wants to enlarge this old photograph of her parents for their anniversary. If the scale is 1 inch = inches, what will the dimensions of the final photo be?
    A. 5 in. by in. B. in. by 1 in.
    C. in. by in. D. 6 in. by 7 in.