1.   A manager of a bookstore selects a set of four bestsellers for a display. The display set is made up of one book from each of four categories. There are 7 non-fiction, 5 science fiction, 2 romance and 4 fiction books from which to choose. How many ways can the books be chosen for the display?
    A. 125 B. 72
    C. 280 D. 18

  2.   If you roll a number cube and then spin a 5-colored spinner with equal sections, how many outcomes are possible?
    A. 30 B. 5
    C. 11 D. 180

  3.   A home security company offers a security system that uses the numbers 0 through 6, inclusive, for a 3-digit security code. How many different security codes are possible if no digit may be repeated?
    A. 35 B. 210
    C. 20 D. 120

  4.   What is the value of C(8, 4)?
    A. 1680 B. 6720
    C. 70 D. 26

  5.   Using a standard deck of cards, how many 7-card hands are possible that have 4 queens, 2 jacks, and the King of spades?
    A. 24 B. 16
    C. 64 D. 6