1.   If you roll a number cube and then spin a 5-colored spinner with equal sections, how many outcomes are possible?
    A. 30 B. 180
    C. 11 D. 5

  2.   What is the value of P(8, 4)?
    A. 1680 B. 26
    C. 70 D. 6720

  3.   A home security company offers a security system that uses the numbers 0 through 6, inclusive, for a 3-digit security code. How many different security codes are possible if no digit may be repeated?
    A. 20 B. 210
    C. 120 D. 35

  4.   If you roll a number cube and then flip a coin, how many outcomes are possible.
    A. 36 B. 12
    C. 8 D. 6

  5.   Using a standard deck of cards, how many 7-card hands are possible that have 4 queens, 2 jacks, and the King of spades?
    A. 6 B. 16
    C. 64 D. 24