1.   The probability of tossing a head on a bent coin is 25%. Find the probability of getting 3 heads if the coin is tossed three times.
    A. B.
    C. D.

  2.   A number cube is tossed four times. Find the probability that at least two 6s are tossed.
    A. 0.0962 B. 0.1748
    C. 0.1106 D. 0.1319

  3.   The probability of tossing a tail on a bent coin is . The coin is tossed 5 times. Find the probability of tossing exactly 3 tails.
    A. 0.3028 B. 0.3292
    C. 0.3114 D. 0.2906

  4.   Eric guesses at all 8 questions on a true/false test. Find the probability that he got at least 6 correct.
    A. 0.1528 B. 0.1353
    C. 0.1445 D. 0.1618

  5.   Kathy guesses at all of the 10 questions on a multiple choice exam. Find the probability that she gets 3 questions correct if each question has 5 choices.
    A. 0.2013 B. 0.1843
    C. 0.1124 D. 0.1556