1.   What is the slope of the line tangent to the graph of y = x4 when x = 2?
    A. 32 B. 64
    C. 8 D. 16

  2.   Acceleration is the rate at which the velocity of a moving object changes. That is, acceleration is the derivative of velocity. If time is measured in seconds and velocity in feet per second, then acceleration is measured in feet per second squared. If a car's velocity is described by the function , what is the car's acceleration at t = 4?
    A. 5 ft/s2 B. 32 ft/s2
    C. 18 ft/s2 D. 37 ft/s2

  3.   The process of finding the area under a curve is called _____.
    A. integration B. none of these
    C. both differentiation and integration D. differentiation

  4.   represents the _____.
    A. height of each of n rectangles from a to b B. width and height of each of n rectangles from a to b
    C. none of these D. width of each of n rectangles from a to b

  5.   Find the area of the shaded region.
    A. units2 B. 10 units2
    C. units2 D. 9 units2

  6.   Find the integral of x(2x2 + 3) from 1 to 3.
    A. 54 B. 48
    C. D. 52

  7.   Evaluate .
    A. -4 B. The limit does not exist.
    C. -5 D. 19

  8.   If for x ? 0, then what is ?
    A. 1 B. -1
    C. 0 D. The limit does not exist.