1.   Determine the angular displacement in radians of 11.3 revolutions. Round to the nearest tenth.
    A. 1.8 radians B. 3.6 radians
    C. 35.5 radians D. 71.0 radians

  2.   Determine the linear velocity of a point rotating at an angular velocity of radians per second at a distance of 11 centimeters from the center of the rotating object. Round to the nearest tenth.
    A. 165 cm/s B. 52.5 cm/s
    C. 33.4 cm/s D. 518.4 cm/s

  3.   The tires on a race car have a diameter of 28 inches. If the tires are turning at the rate of 1500 revolutions per minute, determine the race car's speed in miles per hour to the nearest tenth.
    A. 249.9 mph B. 124.9 mph
    C. 62.5 mph D. 187.4 mph

  4.   A clothes dryer is rotating at 450 revolutions per minute. Determine its angular velocity in radians per second. Round to the nearest tenth.
    A. 2,827.4 radians/s B. 47.1 radians/s
    C. 23.6 radians/s D. 282.7 radians/s

  5.   A bicycle wheel is 30 inches in diameter. If the wheel turns at a constant rate of 3 revolutions per second, what is the linear speed in miles per hour of a point on the tire?
    A. about 16.1 mph B. about 13.7 mph
    C. about 19.5 mph D. about 18.4 mph