1.   Two vectors are opposites if they have ____.
    A. different magnitudes and the same direction B. the same magnitude and opposite directions
    C. different magnitudes and opposite directions D. the same magnitude and same direction

  2.   The magnitude of the zero vector is _____.
    A. any negative number B. 0
    C. any positive number except 1 D. 1

  3.   The sum of two or more vectors is called _____.
    A. the magnitude B. a scalar
    C. the resultant D. the zero vector

  4.   If both the initial and terminal points of a vector are at the origin, the vector is __________.
    A. negative B. the zero vector
    C. linearly independent D. positive

  5.   || = 14, || = 9, and . Find ||.
    A. 5 B. 126
    C. 23 D. 17