1.   An arrangement where order is not important is called a(n)
    A. combination. B. factorial.
    C. outcome. D. permutation.

  2.   How many ways can 5 CDs be selected from a stack of 12 different CDs?
    A. 1440 B. 95,040
    C. 792 D. 17,280

  3.   Suppose there are 8 runners in a race. How many ways can awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places be presented?
    A. 1680 B. 70
    C. 40,320 D. 24

  4.   How many ways can 8 track runners be arranged on a four-person relay team?
    A. 40,320 B. 70
    C. 1,680 D. 336

  5.   Find the number of line segments that can be drawn between any two vertices of a hexagon.
    A. 9 B. 30
    C. 15 D. 24

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