1.   You rode your bike 3 miles to school. After school, you rode 5 miles to the store and then 2 miles home. How many miles did you ride today?
    A. 10 B. 7
    C. 5 D. 8

  2.   What is the third step in the 4-step plan to solve problems?
    A. Solve B. Explore
    C. Examine D. Plan

  3.   The cafeteria has 52 tables. If each table can seat 5 people, how many people does the cafeteria hold?
    A. 260 B. 52
    C. 5 D. 57

  4.   Anna lives in San Francisco, and she has a business partner in Washington, D.C. Sometimes she flies to Washington for meetings; San Francisco and Washington, D.C., are 2438 miles apart. In August, Anna flies to Washington and back twice. What is a good estimate of the number of miles she has flown in August?
    A. 2500 miles B. 1000 miles
    C. 5000 miles D. 10000 miles

  5.   Mrs. Harker is one of 20 teachers at Springfield Middle School. She has 21 students in her class. About how many students probably attend Springfield Middle School?
    A. 41 B. 400
    C. 200 D. 220

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