1.   What is the first step in the 4-step plan to solve problems?
    A. Solve B. Plan
    C. Examine D. Explore

  2.   What is the third step in the 4-step plan to solve problems?
    A. Explore B. Solve
    C. Plan D. Examine

  3.   The cafeteria has 52 tables. If each table can seat 5 people, how many people does the cafeteria hold?
    A. 260 B. 5
    C. 52 D. 57

  4.   An infant weighs 7 pounds at birth. Assuming that she gains 1 pound every 2 weeks, how much will she weigh in 10 weeks?
    A. 12 pounds B. 7 pounds
    C. 5 pounds D. 17 pounds

  5.   Anna lives in San Francisco, and she has a business partner in Washington, D.C. Sometimes she flies to Washington for meetings; San Francisco and Washington, D.C., are 2438 miles apart. In August, Anna flies to Washington and back twice. What is a good estimate of the number of miles she has flown in August?
    A. 10000 miles B. 2500 miles
    C. 5000 miles D. 1000 miles

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