1.   What is the first step in the 4-step plan to solve problems?
    A. Solve B. Examine
    C. Explore D. Plan

  2.   What is the last step in the 4-step plan to solve problems?
    A. Plan B. Solve
    C. Examine D. Explore

  3.   An infant weighs 7 pounds at birth. Assuming that she gains 1 pound every 2 weeks, how much will she weigh in 10 weeks?
    A. 17 pounds B. 5 pounds
    C. 12 pounds D. 7 pounds

  4.   Mrs. Harker is one of 20 teachers at Springfield Middle School. She has 21 students in her class. About how many students probably attend Springfield Middle School?
    A. 220 B. 200
    C. 400 D. 41

  5.   Luis Gonzales plays baseball for the Arizona Diamondbacks. After 20 games one season, he had 11 homeruns. Predict how many homeruns he will have after 100 games.
    A. 100 B. 22
    C. 220 D. 55

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