1.   Determine the percent of people who are enrolled in preschool.
    A. 36.4% B. 4.5%
    C. 16.8% D. 5.0%

  2.   The land areas of the seven continents are shown. What is the angle measure of the segment of a circle graph measuring Antarctica's land area? Round to the nearest degree.
    A. 33° B. 34°
    C. 32° D. 35°

  3.   Which circle graph correctly represents the data?
    A. B.
    C. D.

  4.   According to a survey, the table lists the most annoying distractions at the movies. If a circle graph of the data is drawn, how many degrees is the “Babies crying” section?
    A. 158° B. 100°
    C. 61° D. 94°

  5.   The circle graph shows a survey of the most annoying distractions at the movies. Which statement correctly describes the graph?
    A. The ‘’People talking’’ section is 44°. B. About one-quarter of the people said that crying babies are the most annoying distraction.
    C. About one-half of the people said that cell-phone ringing and people getting up and down are the most annoying distractions. D. One hundred people took part in the survey.

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