1.   Determine the percent of people who are enrolled in preschool.
    A. 4.5% B. 36.4%
    C. 5.0% D. 16.8%

  2.   Choose the circle graph that correctly represents the data.

  3.   The land areas of the seven continents are shown. What percentage of the total world land area is Asia? Round to the nearest percent.
    A. 37% B. 35%
    C. 30% D. 43%

  4.   The circle graph shows a survey of the most annoying distractions at the movies. Which statement correctly describes the graph?
    A. About one-quarter of the people said that crying babies are the most annoying distraction. B. One hundred people took part in the survey.
    C. About one-half of the people said that cell-phone ringing and people getting up and down are the most annoying distractions. D. The ‘’People talking’’ section is 44°.

  5.   The circle graph shows how long American workers typically stay after work 3 to 5 days per week. Find the statement that best describes how long the average American worker stays after work.
    A. The American worker typically stays 4 or more extra hours after work.
    B. The American worker typically stays 1 to 2 extra hours after work.
    C. The American worker typically stays 2 to 3 extra hours after work.
    D. The American worker typically stays 3 to 4 extra hours after work.

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