1.   Find the measure of the segment of a circle graph representing high school enrollment.
    A. 16° B. 18°
    C. 60° D. 134°

  2.   Which circle graph correctly represents the data?
    A. B.
    C. D.

  3.   Suppose you made a circle graph of the data listed in the table. Find the number of degrees for each section.
    A. June: 230°, July: 72°, Aug.: 32°, Sept.: 18°, Other: 7° B. June: 7°, July: 32°, Aug.: 230°, Sept.: 18°, Other: 72°
    C. June: 32°, July: 230°, Aug.: 72°, Sept.: 7°, Other: 18° D. June: 18°, July: 72°, Aug.: 230°, Sept.: 32°, Other: 7°

  4.   The circle graph shows a survey of the most annoying distractions at the movies. Which statement correctly describes the graph?
    A. About one-quarter of the people said that crying babies are the most annoying distraction. B. One hundred people took part in the survey.
    C. About one-half of the people said that cell-phone ringing and people getting up and down are the most annoying distractions. D. The ‘’People talking’’ section is 44°.

  5.   The circle graph shows how much Americans say they tip at restaurants. Find the statement that is not true.
    A. There are about twice as many people who tip between 11% and 15% than there are people who tip between 6% and 10%.
    B. About one-quarter of the people you poll on the street would say they tip between 16% and 20%.
    C. The 11-15% section of the graph has a measure of 126°.
    D. 44% of Americans tip between 6% and 20%.

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