1.   School enrollment figures for a midwestern city are shown in the table below. In a circle graph of school enrollments, what would be the degree measure of the segment representing elementary school enrollment?
    A. 61° B. 131°
    C. 134° D. 36.4°

  2.   The land areas of the seven continents are shown. What is the angle measure of the segment of a circle graph measuring South America's land area? Round to the nearest degree.
    A. 43° B. 42°
    C. 49° D. 50°

  3.   Which circle graph correctly represents the data?
    A. B.
    C. D.

  4.   Suppose you made a circle graph of the data listed in the table. Find the number of degrees for each section.
    A. June: 230°, July: 72°, Aug.: 32°, Sept.: 18°, Other: 7° B. June: 7°, July: 32°, Aug.: 230°, Sept.: 18°, Other: 72°
    C. June: 18°, July: 72°, Aug.: 230°, Sept.: 32°, Other: 7° D. June: 32°, July: 230°, Aug.: 72°, Sept.: 7°, Other: 18°

  5.   The circle graph shows how much Americans say they tip at restaurants. Use the graph to describe the opinion of most Americans.
    A. Most Americans tip more than 16%.
    B. Most Americans tip between 11% and 20%.
    C. Most Americans tip up to 10%.
    D. Most Americans tip between 11% and 15%.

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